Thoughts for a new season

07 Sep 2017

Thoughts for a new season

We hope you have all landed in your respective positions and are busy at work.
We have had a great start here after the vacation, continuing the projects with our inspiring customers.

Some of the activities we are expecting to work on for the rest of the year, are talking to more of you, the people in companies, and hear what is on your minds.

We already have a close collaboration with Corporations and really enjoy the experiences and results we create together. We hear from you that there is a need for small and agile companies to collaborate with larger companies.

Sharing experiences

While getting to know businesses and sharing thoughts about the challenges we all encounter in our work environment, we have observed the multitude of ideas, projects, and plans that are present but which sometimes are being left in shadow as time goes by.

The need for new projects that would boost the daily work and would innovate their business in and out, is present in all companies, especially in the large ones. The ideas are there, the enthusiastic people as well.

We have experienced how sometimes outside inspiration can help in gathering all these ideas, testing them in a short time and then developing them if relevant.

What is your experience with bringing ideas to fruition?

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