We are Apidemia

We are creators, engineers and problem solvers, all sharing a true passion for technology and all that surrounds it today.

To put it briefly

We are a software consulting and development company dedicated to the good use of technology, moving agile and creating long-lasting business relations with our customers.

At Apidemia, we take time to understand your business model and objectives, a practice enabling us to advise and create solutions, tailored to your needs.


the way we collaborate

It is our wish to build a sustainable relationship with our customers and to follow the entire life-cycle of a system, from idea to implementation.

Coding Academy

The way we learn

Our in-house academy is the place where both junior and senior engineers are periodically trained, with the purpose of maintaining the high level of tech knowledge in the company.


In everything we do

Quality exists in all aspects of our work and company. From periodically training our engineers in the latest technologies at our in-house academy, to all small and large tasks we take on.


The way we work

We work agile and incremental. By breaking complexity into small pieces, our customers can try-out, follow the progress and make improvements to their project at a lower risk.

Communities & partnerships

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Our team

Apidemia is a global team of creative engineers and business-oriented minds.

Having a passion for open-source technologies and being certified in Zend PHP, our engineering team is familiar with the most efficient design architecture and coding practices required for tomorrow’s enterprise-level application. With our vast combined experience in software engineering and business development, you can be sure of the dedication, passion and skill set we posses.

Mara Somesan Mara Somesan

Mara Somesan

Chief Executive Officer

+45 60 90 12 58

Dorin Tarau Dorin Tarau

Dorin Tarau

Chief Comercial Officer

+45 50 27 28 64

Thomas Mollerup Lanng Thomas Mollerup Lanng

Thomas Mollerup Lanng

Chief Marketing Officer

+45 29 92 74 12

Bogdan Andronic Bogdan Andronic

Bogdan Andronic

Chief Technology Officer

Florin Capota Florin Capota

Florin Capota

Brand Identity Designer

Tiberiu Popa Tiberiu Popa

Tiberiu Popa

Software Architect

Jesper Jacobsen Jesper Jacobsen

Jesper Jacobsen

Developer Evangelist

Iulian Stan Iulian Stan

Iulian Stan

Senior Frontend Developer

Alina Bustea Alina Bustea

Alina Bustea

Frontend Developer

Lajos Kovago Lajos Kovago

Lajos Kovago

Senior Developer

Gabriel Suciu Gabriel Suciu

Gabriel Suciu

Senior Developer

Nicu Vlad Nicu Vlad

Nicu Vlad


Andrian Birca Andrian Birca

Andrian Birca


George Stan George Stan

George Stan


Our advisory board

Our advisory board members bring us valuable industry focus and insights within sales excellence, IT consultancy and governance.

Being our proud ambassadors, they take the role of advisors in how to grow as a company and stand out as a strong brand in the market.

Bo Florin Bo Florin

Bo Florin

Advisory Board

+45 27 75 62 22

Anna Hejlsberg Anna Hejlsberg

Anna Hejlsberg

Advisory Board

+45 41 41 50 49

Jan Hansen Jan Hansen

Jan Hansen

Advisory Board

+45 24 22 56 32

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